Iran arrests 28 Islamic State members for planning to target Tehran

by Aamaj News

Iran’s Ministry of Intelligence has announced the neutralization of 30 explosions and the arrest of 28 members of a “terrorist network” affiliated with ISIS in Tehran.

The ministry wrote in a statement today September 24 that these people were arrested following “a series of simultaneous operations in Tehran, Alborz, and Azerbaijan provinces”.

According to the news release of the Ministry of Intelligence of Iran, the forces of the Islamic Republic “attacked several bases of terrorists, as a result of which 28 members of ISIS were arrested”.

Based on the statement from the Ministry of Intelligence of Iran, the detained people affiliated with ISIS, some of them have a history of accompanying “Takfiris in Syria or presence in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Iraqi Kurdistan”.

The Ministry of Intelligence of Iran added that the purpose of these bombings was to “smash the security authority and present an unstable image of the Islamic Republic and create despair, panic in the society and incite protests” at the same time as the anniversary of last year’s protests.

Last year, following the killing of Mahsa Amini, a Kurdish Iranian girl, massive protests were launched in Iran and abroad.

This is while three armed attacks have occurred in the Shah Cheragh shrine in Shiraz in the past year, and ISIS- took responsibility for all three incidents.



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