Iran has difficulties on border with Taliban: Rezaei

by Aamaj News

Iranian deputy police chief, Gen. Qassem Rezaei, stated that his country has good relations with the army and border guards of Pakistan, but they are facing difficulties on the common border with Afghanistan.

Yesterday, Mr. Rezaei in an interview with Mehr News Agency said that the border forces of the Taliban are not responsible at the borders.

“Although we had relations with the ex-government of Afghanistan and their border guards and we almost jointly managed the border despite the problems, but they were accountable. Today, with the Taliban takeover, we held meetings with this group in Tehran, Kabul and at the borders, but we still have problems because the Taliban forces on the border are not responsible,” he added. According to him, Taliban border guards are changed at the border and since they are inexperienced, they do “unconventional” actions and “misplaced shootings”. “If there is a violation of the borders, we will definitely deal with it decisively,” he said.

According to Iranian Police deputy chief, Taliban may have an organization of their own in the middle ranks, but their operation and organization are not normal for them, because the border guards of both sides have to hold meetings with each other, negotiate and even establish joint patrols at the same time.

He also underlined that Tehran is ready to train border forces of the Taliban.



Iran has difficulties on border with Taliban: Rezaei – Kokcha News Agency June 4, 2023 - 11:14 am

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