Inclusive gov not possible by violence: Iranian parliament member

by Aamaj News

Ali Jeddi, member of the Iranian parliament, rejected the claim of the Taliban about the existence of an inclusive government and stated that an inclusive government will not be formed by force of weapons and coup.

Jeddi said that the Taliban government does not t have the characteristics of an inclusive government and this group has no other choice but to form it for survival.

“An inclusive government is not formed by force and weapons, but an inclusive government is the result of people’s vote and everyone has a role, or different political groups and currents across the country sit and reach an agreement,” he added as Aria News Agency.

The representative of Shirvan people in Iranian parliament has emphasized that the Taliban regime does not have any of the characteristic of an inclusive government, neither democracy and people’s voting have brought them to power, nor have political currents reached a consensus.

“The Taliban was formed only through a coup, so its senior officials can’t claim to form an inclusive government in Afghanistan,” he added.

“If the Taliban want to be permanent, they have no choice but to go towards an inclusive government. The people have patience to a certain extent. If the Taliban doesn’t have the support of the people and does not form an inclusive government, they will not be permanent, so they should seek to form an inclusive government.”

Meanwhile, the Taliban’s acting prime minister, Mawlawi Abdul Kabir has claimed several times that the regime of this group is an inclusive one.



Inclusive gov not possible by violence: Iranian parliament member – Kokcha News Agency June 1, 2023 - 4:12 pm

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