India and Pakistan are hosting two separate dialogues on Afghanistan simultaneously

by Matiullah Shirzad

According to Indian media, India is hosting the third India-Central Asia Dialogue with presence of five central Asian countries in Delhi.

Both the OIC summit in Pakistan and the third India-Central Asia Dialogue in Delhi are about Afghansitan.

Foreign ministers of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan have participated at this dialogue.

India’s foreign minister at his opening remarks said that a “truly inclusive government” must be formed in Afghanistan.

“We all also share deep-rooted historical and civilizational ties with Afghanistan. Our concerns and objectives in that country are similar: a truly inclusive and representative government, the fight against terrorism and drug trafficking, ensuring unhindered humanitarian assistance and preserving the rights of women, children and the minorities. We must find ways of helping the people of Afghanistan,” , Indian foreign minister S Jaishankar said.

As these dialogues are holding in Pakistan and India, people in Afghanistan are suffering from extreme poverty, and some charitable organizations have warned that Afghansitan is facing another humanitarian catastrophe.


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