Imran Khan and Xi Jinping discuss Afghanistan and Kashmir in their meeting

by Aamaj News

Prime minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan, met president of China, Xi Jinping. Both sides despite discussing their bilateral relations have discussed the issues of Afghanistan and Kashmir, too.

The Pakistan prime minister’s office tweeted that Imran khan highlighted that atrocities in Jammu and Kashmir by Indian is a threat to regional peace and stability.

Imran Khan added that rapid militarization of India is undermining regional stability.

Prime minister of Pakistan emphasized that partnership between Pakistan and China is important for peace and stability in the region.

Both Imran Khan and Xi Jinping acknowledged that a peaceful and stable Afghanistan would promote economic development and connectivity in the region and called the international community to promptly assist the Afghan people in averting humanitarian catastrophe.

They both reaffirmed their resolve to building of the Pakistan-China community for the shared future in the new era.


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