The list of Taliban violations of the rights of women, girls long and growing: HRW

by Aamaj News

Human Rights Watch in a report states that the list of Taliban violations of the rights of women and girls is long and growing.

Associate director of the women’s rights division at Human Rights Watch, Heather Barr, described the situation of women in Afghanistan shocking.

“The latest order is a chilling escalation. Not only does it make every woman or girl who is outside her home a suspect, but it also strips women and girls of the shreds of autonomy they still had, the ability to resist,” report of HRW added. “The Taliban coerce every man to become complicit in their abuse, each man the jailer of his female relatives.”

Taliban have imposed restrictions on women after their domination, and it is growing day by day.

They closed secondary and high schools for girls as well as ordered female presenters to cover their faces while presenting programs.


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