The Taliban new order violates female presenters’ personal autonomy: HRW

by Aamaj News

Human Rights Watch (HRW) reacting to Taliban’s new order that female presenters must wear masks, said it violates women’s rights as well as their personal autonomy.

HRW releasing a statement said that the order will also prevent access to information for people who are deaf or hard of hearing who lip read or rely on visual speech cues to help them understand people speaking.

“This latest order is part of steady flow of Taliban actions that have blocked girls’ secondary education, pushed women out of most employment, curtailed women’s freedom of movement, obstructed women’s access to health care, and abolished the system designed to protect women and girls from violence,” HRW added.

The organization urged the politicians of other countries to request the Taliban to stop restrictions against women while visiting their diplomats.

The news comes as Taliban have ordered female presenters to wear mask and cover their faces while presenting the programs.

The decision of Taliban elicited internal and international reactions.


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