The Haqqanis nothing to do with many of the attacks: Anas Haqqani

by Aamaj News

Anas Haqqani one of prominent members of Haqqani Network in an interview with DER SPIEGEL said “the Haqqanis have nothing to do with many of the attacks that are blamed on my family.”

He added that has had not confessed to any suicide attacks while he was in custody of NDS.

DER SPIEGEL reported that Rahmatullah Nabil who was the intelligence chief at the time, claimed that after Haqqani’s arrest in Kabul, he put him in a car and had him driven to the places where the assassins of the Haqqani network had carried out their deadliest attacks. Back at the headquarters of the Afghan intelligence service NDS, then Anas was deeply impressed and moved by the destruction he saw, he then alleged to have willingly signed a confession.

Haqqani Network had claimed responsibility for the suicide attack on Zanbaq crossroads in Kabul back in 2017, as a result of that attack more than 150 people died and 400 others wounded. It was a deadliest attack in past 20 years in Kabul.

Current interior minister of Taliban has said that 1050 suicide bombers have carried out suicide attacks under his supervision in past 20 years.

Two years after Haqqani’s arrest two lecturers at Kabul’s American University, Kevin King of the United States and the Timothy Weeks of Australia had been kidnapped by the Haqqani Network just for exchanging with Anas Haqqani.

Anas Haqqani in this interview said that they had no other way to free him, except for abducting the lecturers.

“I am not happy about what happened then. But I also had no knowledge of the plan to arrest the professors to exchange them for me. On the other hand, against all norms and rules, I was kept in solitary confinement for years. At some point, the leadership of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan found itself at such an extreme point where all avenues seemed to be blocked that it felt compelled to take special measures and steps to get its citizen,” Haqqani said.

This member of Haqqani Network was sentenced to death back in 2014, but DER SPIEGEL reiterated that China intervened at the request of Pakistan.

Anas Haqqani is brother of Sirajuddin Haqqani leader of Haqqani Network and current interior minister of Taliban.


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