What is happening in parliament of exiled Afghan women in Athens?

by Aamaj News

Before Taliban’s domination, 69 members of Afghanistan’s parliament were women. Now, 25 of them live in Athens who are speaking up in the hope that the world will not forget Afghanistan. But the BBC has found out that nine out of 69 parliamentarian women are still in hiding in Afghanistan. The rest have found refuge in Albania or Turkey.

Spiegal News Agency has narrated the way that one of these parliamentarian woman by the name of, Shagufa Noorzai, has arrived in Athens.

Spiegal reported that Noorzai firstly lost her office, then her job and her income – and now she has also lost her country.

Noorzai is a member of the Afghan Women’s Parliamentarians Network in Athens, the women who are trying to raise voices so that the world will not forget Afghanistan.

More than two dozen Afghan parliamentarian women from different spectrums, from young to old, from important political families and representatives of minorities have come together in Athens, Greece.

They discuss how to empower and support Afghan women left behind in Afghanistan, while knowing that restrictions against women are increasing day to day.

The women will likely only stay in Athens for a few months before they continue onward with new visas to the United States, Canada or the United Kingdom.

According to Spiegal some European politicians sometimes come and visit “Afghan Women’s Parliamentarian Network.” But these women want European countries to consult them about humanitarian assistance and involvement with Afghanistan.


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