Controversy of a girl taken away by the Taliban in Ghor; What happened to the 17-year-old Parwana? 

by Aamaj News

What did the video of the controversy show? 

Three days ago, Aamaj News broadcast a video from Nurak village, Pasaband district of Ghor province, in which a number of armed men (Taliban) were seen forcibly taking a girl away and beating others.

The broadcast of this tape for the first time by Aamaj brought widespread reactions among the people; But this video, which was related to Saturday (March 23), received more attention because the sources told Aamaj that this girl (Parwani,17) was forcibly taken by the Taliban in the presence of the local officials of this group, including Khairkhawa, the district governor of the Taliban. Khalid, the Taliban security commander, Tawhidi, the intelligence in-charge, and Mushfaq, the deputy intelligence officer with a number of gunmen.

The scenes of women’s screams and moans and beatings by the Taliban were the narrator of sadness and horror. 

Although Zabihullah Mujahid, the spokesperson of the Taliban, called the matter a “family dispute”, he spoke about the involvement of the local officials of the Taliban and said that they did this without informing the “judicial authorities”. 

Mujahid added that the local officials involved in this matter have been investigated. However, contrary to the words of Zabihullah Mujahid, the media office of the Taliban governor in Ghor published a newsletter saying that this issue was a dispute between two families and had nothing to do with the local Taliban. 

The media office of the Taliban governor in Ghor added that a person had married a girl. But there was some amount left from the daughter’s dowry with her husband, and after the wedding, when the girl went to her father’s house as a guest, the girl’s father did not allow his daughter to go to her husband’s house due to the non-payment of the remaining amount. 

The newsletter of the Taliban governor’s office in Ghor added that this matter was finally resolved through influential local figures, but later on (March 23), the girl’s husband had a verbal argument with his father-in-law’s family while taking his wife, which caused a conflict between the parties, until the local people called “government officials”.

The statement added: “Fortunately, through the government, this issue was solved in a serious way.” 

But the newsletter of the Taliban governor’s office did not say who the groom was. What explains the ‘beating video’ shows? They didn’t say that without the verdict of the judicial institutions of the Taliban, why did the district governor and the security commander of this group take action? And finally, why does the Taliban governor’s office in Ghor speak in contrast to the central spokesperson of the Taliban in Kandahar? 

The questions that Aamaj answers in the interview with local sources and receiving pictures of beaten women, especially the mother of Parwan. 

What is the essence of the matter? 

With the Taliban ruling over Afghanistan, Shah Wali, who was under the command of Mullah Ahmad, who is currently the director of the Taliban’s counter-narcotics office in Ghor, got engaged to Parwana, who is now 17 years old, and after a while they got married. But with the passage of time, he could not pay the remaining dowry money (two hundred thousand Afghani) to Parwana’s father, and finally he took Parwana with him to Helmand province, until about two months ago, they returned to Pasaband district of Ghor.

When Parwana’s parents found out, they took their daughter home and told Shah Wali that they would not allow him to take their daughter until he paid the remaining dowry. But Shah Wali, who is now a soldier of the Taliban district governor in Pasaband, Ghor, used his force, and the local authorities brought the Taliban gunmen behind the door of Parwana’s father’s house and wanted to take away Parwana, who was opposed by Parwana’s father, mother and brother. 

As seen in the videotape that was obtained by Aamaj, the Taliban beat Parwana’s father, mother and brother, and during the clash, Parwana’s brother hit the district governor of the Taliban with a stone and injured his head. 

But under the pressure of the Taliban officials, Shah Wali finally took Parwana with him and even now Parwana is in Shah Wali’s house. 

What was the result? 

The Pasaband district incident is a narrative of the unfortunate situation that women experience in one way or another every day, especially under the rule of the Taliban. 

But while the Taliban always talk about the rule of law and the existence of institutions in Afghanistan, the actions of local officials in Pasband district of Ghor show that they do not care about the same judicial institutions under their rule. 

Finally, the girl’s family was beaten. Parwana was forcibly taken to Shah Wali’s house. The dowry money was not paid and, according to the sources, the local Taliban were found innocent and nothing happened to them.

However, the Taliban’s way of dealing in Pasaband raises the concern that similar events may occur under the shadow of force and guns, without even obeying the Taliban’s judicial institutions, and girls may become victims of violence and bullying.


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