Taliban continue to force experienced govt staff to step aside, this time in Ghor

by Aamaj News

Sources from Ghor province has sent a letter to Aamaj News that Taliban have fired education staff from republic era, and appointed 20 people of their own relatives in sub-directorate and managing posts of directorate of education in different districts of this province.

“The Taliban systematically in two categories first fired 17 employees and then fired 30 other professional employees, inventing that there were vacancies, and in three separate requests havs sent the list of their own 30 members to the ministry of education to be hired,” sources who refused to be named told Aamaj News.

It is mentionable that all the people who have been appointed to these positions are Mullahs, Qaris and alumnae of religious madrasas.

The sources added that the head of education directorate of Ghor province has announced in the meetings of non-governmental organizations that they will also fire 6,000 teachers and will appoint their members instead.

Meanwhile, the Taliban ministry of education sending a letter to all provinces has requested the identity of teachers.

Recently the Taliban fired 17 professional employees of Da Afghanistan Breshna Sherkat (DABS) in Baghlan because they were Tajiks and instead hired their own fighters.


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