From Ghani’s escape to Zelenskyy’s resistance, is it fair to compare these two?

by Aamaj News

The resistance of a former comedian and incumbent president of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, against the invasion of Russia has been praised a lot. Nowadays, all researchers, media activists and users of social media are talking about his resistance. A number of people call the resistance of Zelenskyy as the icon of bravery, and some others call him a ”hero.”

On the other hand, some people have compared Ghani and Zelenskyy. Interestingly, have praised Ghani for his escape and blame Zelenskyy for fueling of war.

Saad Mohseni, director of MOBY group said that Ghani started his career as technocrat but ended it as a clown and global laughing stock.

Former ambassador of Afghanistan to UAE, Ahmad Javed, praising the runaway president of Afghanistan said that ‘Ghani is a patriot and he did his country a favor by leaving, albeit against his wishes.’

“While it’s over now, his government truly benefited many (I mean many), including TOLOnews, let’s be fair and sensible and not compare the incomparable,” he said.

Meanwhile, former ambassador of Afghanistan to Sri Lanka, Mohammad Ashraf Haidari, said the comparing these two is unfair.

“Could Ashraf Ghani have done better? Yes! But Afghanistan is not Ukraine, friends. NATO literally refused to leave behind 1500 troops, which could’ve saved our developing democracy. They literally watched ANDSF bleed and collapse. Did they not?” He said.

Former parliament member, Arif Rahmani, said that Ashraf Ghani and his currpet men wanted to have the power for another nine years.

“Ghani used to say that Afghanistan is his home and graveyard. He said that he would not escape and would fight. But we saw after ruining of infrastructures, mass killing of former security forces, and ruining of government institutions, he fled the country,” Mr. Rahmani said.

Mr. Rahmani added that supporters of Ghani claimed that he fled the country to avoid the destruction of Kabul, but do not mention the ruining of the system and army.

Meanwhile, former national security chief, Rahmatullah Nabil, said, “from the very beginning we understood that man was a clown, coward and part of a project. We said that he was not a good leader, manager, nor a good Afghan. But nobody heard. Comparing him to Mr. Zelenskyy, president of Ukraine is insulting Ukrainians.”

The news comes as Ashraf Ghani said of resistance until the very day he fled the country. Some people call him “runaway president” right now.



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