Ghani received money not to resist against Taliban: TG1

by Aamaj News

An Australian News outlet in an investigative report has claimed that Ghani had received more than $110 million not to resist against the Taliban.

According to the report of TG1, Ajmal Ahmadi, the special representative of Ashraf Ghani and the former head of the Central Bank of Afghanistan, had received the receipt from the representative of Qatar.

The Italian state-run news outlet has published a document that indicates the receipt of $110,478,000 from Mutlaq AL-Qahtani, the representative of Qatar signed by Ajmal Ahmadi on July 7, 2021.

According to the document, Ahmadi confirmed that he had received a cheque valued $110,478,000 which had been given by AL-Qahtani.

The report added that AL-Qahtani was in Kabul and met Ghani at that time.

The receipt did not explain for what purpose the money had been granted, but five weeks after the receiving of that “gift” Ghani and his alter agoes fled the country and Taliban fighters entered Kabul.

Filippo Rossi, a noted Italian journalist who has conducted this investigative research said that the report has been provided based on reviewing documents and talking to reliable sources.

Rossi said that although Ashraf Ghani in a speech in the parliament on August 2, urged the people to fight against the Taliban, the districts and provincial capitals were falling to the Taliban one after another without any resistance.

Mr. Rossi added that the soldiers and security forces were ordered to retreat and not to resist.

Before that several former military officials had claimed that they were ordered not to resist against the Taliban.

Taliban entered Kabul back in mid-August 2021 as Ghani fled the country.

Receiving that much money by Ghani has met bitter reactions.

Saleha Sadat, a journalist, reacting to this issue said that the world was watching that Afghanistan was dealt for $110 million with “Ghani’s terrorist brothers.”

Basir Abadi, a social media user, said that all the people knew that Ghani “sold” the country to the Taliban in cooperation with “foreign countries including Qatar.”


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