Beijing is desperate to avoid being trapped in Kabul’s politics: FP

by Aamaj News

Foreign Policy reported that as the potential security vacuum left by Western withdrawal came into sharper relief, Beijing realized that it would have to play a role in encouraging a more stable and developed future for Afghanistan. Even then—and even after security concerns rose once again after the U.S. withdrawal in 2021—China never fully came to assume that role.

While the China must take a step forward because of Uyghur militants using camps in Afghanistan.

“Although China has undeniably stepped into a far more prominent role than ever before, it has continued to hedge its bets and refused to take on a leadership role in the country. China’s unwillingness to take on that role, even though it is increasingly being thrust into it,” FP stated.

The magazine added that China is not willing to engage with Afghanistan’s politics and difficulties, rather its strategic decision is that to remain as an observer.

The report also added that China has pursued an advance policy after 2012, after it noticed that the US wanted to leave Afghanistan.

According to FP China had strengthened its relations with the government of Afghanistan, and at the same time it expanded its ties with Taliban that Uyghur militants are carrying out their activities under the rule of them.

The news comes as after Taliban’s domination China and Pakistan have discussed the issue that Afghanistan to join Belt and Road project especially the economic corridor of these two countries.

But FP believes that the view of China towards Afghanistan is still security-oriented, and concerned regarding the attack of Uyghur fighters on China.

Chinese analysts told FP that the country is not positive regarding the formation of an inclusive government in Afghanistan by Taliban, and predicts instability in this country.



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