Taliban arrested Qari Wakil, next time they will arrest Mawlawi Fasihuddin: Faeq

by Aamaj News

Former governor of Faryab, Naqibullah Faeq, says that Taliban arrested Qari Wakil one of their Tajik commanders after inviting him in Balkh to mediate in release of Makhdom Alem.

Yesterday Taliban arrested Makhdom Alem one of their Uzbek commanders, following this issue a number of people and supporters of Alem began to protest and revolt against Pashtun ethnic Taliban.

Turkoghlu assistance of Makhdom Alem said that Taliban are lying, and Makhdom Alem is still in custody. He said that they will continue to control some parts of Faryab province untill release of Makhdom Alem.

On the other hand, deputy spokesman of Taliban, Inamullah Samangani, called the protests and unrest in Faryab as an achievement of democracy.

“Some so-called democrats that have nothing, are trying to distinguish the ethnic, goodness and badness of Taliban,” Samangani said.


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