Only an inclusive, accountable system based on people’s will can save the country: Faiq

by Aamaj News

Charge’ dAffaires of Afghanistan permanent mission to UN, Naseer Ahmad Faiq, stated that only an inclusive, accountable and functional system based on the will of people, rule of law and justice involving professionals and credible people from all backgrounds and with good reputation including women can save Afghanistan from the current humanitarian crisis.

Mr. Faiq speaking at the UNSC added that the Taliban holding the Ulema gathering have imposed restrictions on the people to strengthen their rule instead of leading people to economic development and self-sufficiency.

He confirming the reports regarding the safe haven of terrorists in Afghanistan said that recent attacks of IS-K and the killing of Al Qaeda’s leader are the obvious examples of the issue.

He warned the countries around the world that what happens in Afghanistan will not remain in this country.

Change’ dAffaires of Afghanistan permanent mission to UN once again reiterated his plea for a national discourse to pass the current situation and provide the opportunity for the people of Afghanistan to discuss vital issues and through a road-map form an inclusive system.

Faiq emphasized that the UN has the reputation and legitimacy to contact the sides involving the issues in Afghanistan, work on a strategy to bring peace, stability in Afghanistan.

He underlined the UN must play a role more than coordinating the humanitarian assistance. He believes providing the opportunity for Afghani talks and a political roadmap is the way to reach a stable and tranquil Afghanistan.


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