Even the Taliban were surprised by the speed of the takeover in Afghanistan, says a US diplomat

by Aamaj News

Ross Wilson, former chargé d’affaires of the United States to Afghanistan in an interview with Sky News said it was not only the West that found the speed of the Taliban’s takeover surprising – the Taliban were shocked too.

The Taliban’s fighters “outran the capabilities of their commanders”, Ross Wilson said.

“It took them a long time – weeks – to figure out what to do next, how to organise themselves – and they still have not really organised themselves very effectively to lead the government,” Wilson said.

He added that the people do not support the Taliban considering the way they took the power.

“The generation that the US and our European and other allies who were in Afghanistan invested in, for better or worse – most of those people are still there,” Mr. Wilson said. “Which is not say that I think the fall of the Taliban is imminent or that the westernisers, if you will, or those who we invested in are about to take over, but I still think that those millions of people are or will be a force for change.”

The news comes as after a year since Taliban’s domination no country has recognized their government.



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Considering how the Taliban are in power, many do not support them. According to Sky News, the Taliban were as surprised as the West was over how quickly the Taliban took control. “Beyond the capabilities of their commanders” Taliban troops.

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