Republicans criticize evacuation from Afghanistan under the Biden administration

by Aamaj News

CNN reported that Republicans in the US criticized the Biden administration’s evacuation program from Afghanistan.

At the height of the United States’ withdrawal from Afghanistan there were only 36 State Department officials on the ground at the Kabul airport to process Afghans who were trying to evacuate, according to a soon-to-be released report from House Republicans, despite the department’s claims that they had surged resources to handle the crowds desperately trying to flee.

CNN added that this figure — which meant there was “roughly one consular officer for every 3,444 evacuees”.

The report shows that lots of men could leave Afghanistan despite all concerns regarding the restrictions on women under the rule of Taliban.

The report also said the administration failed even months after the withdrawal to take actions that would prevent American-trained Afghan commandos from being recruited by US adversaries like Iran, China or Russia.

“A lot of the Biden administration’s evacuation plans were done in the spring 2021 — some even before the president announced the withdrawal. And they were never updated despite the Taliban battlefield gains, despite the deteriorating security situation, and despite the revised intelligence assessments,” said Rep. Michael McCaul, the top Republican on the House Foreign Affairs Committee.

He added while Biden long wanted to end US involvement in the Afghanistan war, he attributed the decision, in part, to the deal brokered with the Taliban by the Trump administration.

It is mentionable that is has been a year since Taliban’s domination and the start of evacuation process, within this period of time the US government has been under sever criticism repeatedly.