Afghan traders in the UAE and Turkey, and their lack of trust to invest in the country

by Aamaj News

The foreign forces withdrawal, lack of trust in a better future, and rise of Taliban are the main reasons of capital flight of the country. Collapse of the former government, and Taliban’s domination have badly damaged the business and trade in Afghanistan. According to international institutions Afghansitan is passing the worst economic cycle.

Capital flight and migration of traders have directly impacted on economic situation and increased the level of poverty and unemployment.

We interviewed an Afghan trader who is the director of Ebrahimi group company by the name of Tamim Ebrahimi in Turkey. He said due to insecurity, lack of trust in political stability and emerging challenges after Taliban’s domination, he has to continue his business in Turkey.

Mr. Ebrahimi started the dealings of Ebrahimi group company in Turkey in 2014. He said that after receiving his bachelor’s degree in business management because of insecurity in Afghanistan he had to run his business in Turkey, and right now due to lack of political stability he is not optimistic to return back to the country and run his business.

The mejority of traders of Afghansitan have moved their business to Turkey and UAE, due to insecurity and lack of trust in future. They say that after Taliban’s domination some Taliban fighters and unknown gunmen have taken some of their properties, and they are not optimistic to invest in Afghanistan.

These traders say that the main reasons of capital flight are administrative corruption, lack of Infrastructures, irregular tax system, bad condition, and insecurity.

The news relating to bad situation of economy comes as earlier the UN announced that current crisis of Afghanistan is the worst collapse of economy in the history.


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