E.H. Sayeh passes away at 94

by Aamaj News

Amir Hushang Ebtehaj with the pen name of H.E. Sayeh, a well-known Iranian poet passed away at 94.

Yalda Ebtehaj daughter of Hushang Ebtehaj made public the news on her Instagram account today Wednesday, August 10, 2022.

She wrote, Sayeh shall be level with those of seven thousand years ago, referring to a famous poem of another Iranian poet, Khayyaam.

Sayeh is known in Afghanistan by his famous piece of poem which is sung by Ahmad Zahir, “tonight you hear the story of my heart, but tomorrow you forget it as the story.”

It is mentionable that he was hospitalized in Germany for kidney failure several days ago.

Ebtehaj was born on February 25, 1928, in Rasht, Iran. 

His first book of poetry was published when he was 19. Ebtehaj has written a collection of lyrical poems (ghazal), new poems in Persian known (sher naw) and masnawi.

The First Songs, 1946 (نخستین نغمه‌ها), Mirage, 1951 (سراب), Bleak Travails I, 1953 (سیاه مشق ۱), Nocturnal, 1953 (شبگیر), Earth, 1955 (زمین), Pages from the Longest Night, 1965 (چند برگ از یلدا), Bleak Travails II, 1973 (سیاه مشق ۲), Until the Dawn of the Longest Night, 1981 (تا صبح شب یلدا), Memorial to the Blood of the Cypress, 1981 (یادگار خون سرو), Bleak Travails III, 1985 (سیاه مشق ۳), Bleak Travails IV, 1992 (سیاه مشق ۴), Mirror in Mirror, Selected Poems, 1995 (آینه در آینه), Dispirited, 2006 (تاسیان) (non-ghazal poems) are his famous works.


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