Marshal Dostum is the executor of the ISIS project in the region: Tasnim News Agency

by Aamaj News

Iranian state-affiliated media outlet, Tasnim News Agency, in a report claimed that Marshal Abdul Rashid Dostum, as in 2001, that had officially become the US proxy arm in the Afghan war to run Washington’s affairs, now has been hired by the British queen to carry out an ISIS project to make the region insecure.

The report added that Dostum using the capabilities of Uzbeks, who left Afghanistan with him and are in contact with Uzbeks inside Afghanistan, terrorists from Uzbekistan in contact with Tohir Yoʻldosh, and Turkey based terrorists, wants to execute the scheme of the Britain for the future of Afghanistan and the region.

Tasnim claimed that Dostum in past years utilizing his relations in Turkey has deployed dozens of his fighters in Syria and Iraq.

This Iranian state-affiliated media outlet pointing to recent incidents as attack on Imam Reza shrine by an Uzbek, the attack of ISIS from Afghanistan’s soil on Uzbekistan, and releasing of videos of Uzbek ethnic ISIS members on social media as well as yesterday’s explosions in west of Kabul, claimed that Uzbek ethnic militias have taken part in such attacks.

Tasnim added that it is expected that in the future “runaway” leaders of Afghanistan will be hired to run such projects.

Tasnim News Agency claimed that some political leaders have been hired to run such anti-security projects especially against Russia, China, and Iran.

This Iranian state-affiliated media outlet called the leaders who left Afghanistan as “runaway” leaders, and added that they will welcome such projects, because they can continue to their lives and make money through this to support their men.

According to the report, the proximity of some Central Asian terrorists to ethnic groups inside Afghanistan, including the Tajiks, could spark the cooperation of regional intellegence services to play a proxy game to ruin the security in Afghanistan.

Tasnim News Agency also pointed to three other things, too, which are $250 million investment on Dostum to ruin security in northern Afghanistan, releasing of pictures of Dostum’s intimate meeting with Mufti Nematullah, ISIS leader in northern Afghanistan and the group’s second-in-command, and the arrest of Hashem Raise, a relative of Marshal Dostum in Iran, accused of recruiting for the war in Ukraine and possibly other devastating projects in the region.

The report stated that the Russia-Ukraine conflict was the starting point. The Russians have taken several Afghans captive, and reports show that hundreds of Afghan fighters are fighting alongside Ukrainian forces against Russia.

But Marshal Dostum’s spokesman, Ihsan Niroo, denying the issue told Aamaj News that the report has been prepared on the basis of rancour and that the principles of journalism and neutrality have not been considered.


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