Canada has no plan to recognize the government of Taliban

by Aamaj News

Canadian defense minister, Anita Anand, has said that it is “heartbreaking” for members of Canada’s armed forces who served in Afghanistan to see the Taliban back in power.

Global News reported that Canadian defense minister at a special parliamentary committee said that Canada has no plan to recognize the government of Taliban.

Meanwhile the minister faced questions from the side of Canadian parliamentarians on less acceptance of refugees from Afghanistan, and the ways to send humanitarian assistance to Afghanistan.

Anand answering the questions about why Canada had only evacuated 3,700 people said that the country has received 7,500 inquiries from Afghans claiming to have served with Canada’s armed forces

According to Anand, defense department of Canada has validated 3,800 of the cases.

It is mentionable that recently Canada has been criticized for not evacuating their Afghan colleagues who served with this country’s forces in past 20 years.


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