Ruining the ‘pre-planned’ program of Taliban in Bamyan; the Taliban have threatened the women

by Aamaj News

After ruining the ‘pre-planned’ program of Taliban in Bamyan by women, now they have threatened a number of women in this province.

Local sources in Bamyan told the reporter of Aamaj News that the female students reacting to ‘pre-planned’ program of Taliban regarding their support by people in Bamyan, tore the banners which were prepared by Taliban authorities.

According to sources, officials of Bamyan University had urged female students to participate in a program which would be held for women’s rights in Bamyan Stadium, but when they gathered, they noticed that the program was not held because of women, it was a program to support the Taliban and there were banners calling the unfreezing of Afghan assets by the US.

One of participants told Aamaj News that Taliban called her and threatened.

She added that she had invited 50 people to participate in that program, that three of them were the ones who tore the banners.

“The Taliban have accused me of taking money from a person or an institution to introduce protesters into the program to ruin their program,” she added.

Three days ago, the incident took place in Bamyan, and went viral on social media and elicited a lot of reactions. Some people believe that it is a sign that people do not support the Taliban. The Taliban have not reacted to this issue yet.


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