Young, youngster commit suicide in Oruzgan, Balkh

by Aamaj News

A young man shot himself dead in Chora district of Oruzgan province, the Taliban local authorities stated.

The Taliban governor’s spokesman, Ihsan Hamas, said that the young man named Ahmadullah, and killed himself in Qala-e-Raq district of Chora district, yesterday January 28, 2023.

According to him, Ahmadullah had been injured, but he died after transferring to the hospital.

Hamas added that domestic problems are the motives of his suicide.

In a separate incident a 15-year old boy has killed himself in Kaldar district of Balkh province.

The Taliban police spokesman in Balkh, Mohammad Asif Waziri, said that the youngster named Fazl-u-Rahman and committed suicide last night.

According to Waziri, Fazl-u-Rahman was a resident of Qalay-I-Zal District, but he was working in Kaldar, Balkh.

Waziri added that the youngster killed himself at his employers house.

So far the motive of his suicide is not clear.

Mental and domestic problems, and pressure due to status quo in Afghanistan are the main reasons of suicide.

The rate of suicide has increased unprecedentedly after the Taliban domination.


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