Biden to rescind designation of Afghanistan as major non-NATO ally

by Aamaj News

The US President, Joe Biden, in a letter to Congress on Wednesday said that he will officially rescind Afghanistan’s designation as a major non‑NATO ally.

” I am providing notice of my intent to rescind the designation of Afghanistan as a Major Non‑NATO Ally,” Biden said in a letter which has been sent to the US Congress.

The US back in 2012,  named Afghanistan a major non-NATO ally, which cleared the way for the two countries to maintain a defense and economic relationship. 

According to the data provided by the US State Department, this country will have 18 major non-NATO allies. They are: Argentina, Australia, Bahrain, Brazil, Colombia, Egypt, Israel, Japan, Jordan, Kuwait, Morocco, New Zealand, Pakistan, the Philippines, Qatar, South Korea, Thailand and Tunisia.

The news comes as the US left Afghanistan last year after twenty years of war that suffered the deaths of 2461military officers, and more than 20 thousand others wounded.

The Taliban after 20 years took the power once again.


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