In two different incidents a man killed his brother and a woman killed her nephew

by Aamaj News

Local sources in Parwan said a man killed his brother in this province.

According to the sources, the incident took place in Qul-Khul village of Syagird Ghorband district, Parwan on Friday.

The accused one has fled the area after killing his brother.

The source added the one who has been killed named Jamshid, and recently had passed the exam to be a teacher.

Domestic problems has been said the motive of this murder.

On the other hand, health officials of Badghis province said that an aged woman killed his nephew hitting with an axe and injured her husband.

The incident took place in Baghak-e-Awal area, PD 1, Qala-e-Naw, Badghis.


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