Any form of peaceful protest would seem to be “provocative action” for Taliban: HRW

by Aamaj News

Human Rights Watch reacting to arrest of Ismail Mashal, a university professor said that any form of peaceful protest would seem to be a “provocative action”for Taliban.

The organization releasing a statment urged the immediate release of Mr. Mashal.

“The Taliban should immediately release Ismail Mashal, drop any charges against him, and end their campaign of repression against women and girls’ participation in public life,” HRW called on Taliban.

“Since taking power, the Taliban have relentlessly silenced female protesters who peacefully chanted “bread, work, freedom” for all citizens of Afghanistan.”

The organization added that Mashal’s arrest shows that the Taliban’s unwillingness to tolerate dissent is not limited to women, but extends to anyone who dreams of a rights-respecting and more equal Afghanistan.

It is mentionable that the Taliban arrested Mr. Mashal accusing him of“provocative actions” and creating “chaos” by gathering journalists around himself.


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