If Taliban leaders allow, Taliban fighters can fly the white color flag over the White House: Mawlawi Ansari

by Aamaj News

A radical Islamist Mullah and Imam of the Great Mosque of Herat named Mawlawi Mujib ur Rahman Ansari said if the Taliban leaders allow, the Taliban fighters so called ‘Mujahiddin’ can takeover the world right away.

“I swear to God that if the leaders of the Islamic Emirate allow, the zealous Mujahideen will fly the flag of Islam over the White House,” he said in his sermon.

Mawlawi Ansari is a controversial cleric in western Herat province of Afghanistan. once he called the support for the former regime a “deadly sin” and called on former government forces not to work for it.

He recently in a speech among his supporters in Herat called for the enforcement of the Shria law and added the hands of thieves must be cut off.

He was a severe critic of the previous government, and used to call the republic as a corrupt, oppressive, traitorous government.


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