Women in AFG are being disappeared from their homes: Angelina Jolie

by Aamaj News

An American actress and the UNHCR special representative, Angelina Jolie, releasing a letter of a young Afghan girl requested social media users to track what is happening in Afghanistan.

Mrs. Jolie sharing a part of the Afghan young girls’ letter and protecting her identity said after Taliban’s domination women are being arrested simply for taking part in peaceful protests.

“I feel like women don’t have any right to speak or put their word forward. The rights of the woman are taken away from them and they are not allowed to do anything in the country. Few weeks back when the Taliban arrested 2 of the women who raised their voices in order to ask for the rights of woman and freedom, I just thought, that this is the end and I might never be able to go outside again or even be able to speak as I am a girl,” a part of the letter that Jolie shared.

Jolie added in Afghanistan women are being taken from their homes at night at gunpoint and disappeared.

She added that new restrictions are being imposed on the freedom of women and girls day by day.

After Taliban’s domination four female protesters have disappeared, but Taliban’s deputy spokesman, Bilal Karimi, says that they are investigating about this issue.


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