It is a lesson of history that a mono-ethnic government will collapse any system: Andarabi

by Aamaj News

Former interior minister, Masoud Andarabi, said, “we have learned from history that concentration of power and a mono-ethnic government will collapse any system.”

He posted on his Facebook page that repeated and tested versions as concentration of power and authoritarianism have not been effective so far, and now with such an inane mentality the Afghanistan’s political and ethnic intricate problems would not be solved.

He added that racialism and power concentration had a contrary effect in past two decades.

“Now Taliban are seeking ethnic and tribal governance under the name of religion. But we have learned from history that concentration of power and a mono-ethnic government will collapse any system in Afghanistan,” Andarabi added.

He added that educated ones have the responsibility to focus on justice and welfare of people without considering racial discrimination, and with solidarity they must offer their solution after the Taliban.

“In a justice-oriented society it is not important who is in charge, but providing justice in all spectrums and welfare of people are vital,” Andarabi concluded.

The news comes as countries around the world and former officials criticize the Taliban that they have formed a mono-ethnic government, but Taliban emphasize that their government is an inclusive one with presence of all ethnic groups.



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