The intl community must not turn a blind eye on human rights situation in AFG: Amnesty International

by Aamaj News

Amnesty International expressed its grave concern regarding the reports of summary executions and harm to civilians in Balkhab district of Sar-e-Pul province.

The organization in a thread of tweets added that the international community must not turn a blind eye on the increasing human rights violation in Afghanistan.

“The Taliban must avoid blocking communication means and preventing essential needs from reaching the communities. The free flow of information from the conflict zone must be respected. Blocking transport of essential needs to reach communities is a war crime,” the organization added referring to conflict in Balkhab.

Amnesty International stated that the parties to the conflict are obliged to fully observe laws of war in all hostilities, and avoid harming civilians and civilian objects.

It is mentionable that in recent days reports about killings of civilians by Taliban have been out that have added to concerns of humanitarian organizations as Taliban started fighting with their Hazara commander, Mawlawi Mahdi.