Discrimination in distribution of world’s humanitarian aid is not acceptable: Some residents of west part of Kabul

by Aamaj News

Some residents of west of Kabul and civil activists say that discrimination in distribution of world’s humanitarian assistance is not acceptable.

They say that poverty and unemployment have always been two of the biggest problems of Hazara community in Afghanistan. Following the recent changes in the country and collapse of former government and domination of Taliban, the level of poverty and unemployment has unprecedentedly increased, and people are on the brink of extinction, and there may be another humanitarian catastrophe.

These people have written a letter according to this letter, humanitarian assistance has not been distributed fairly. They say that assistance has not helped the people, the rich has become richer and the poor has become poorer, because they distribute the assistance with discrimination. They add that assistance has not been delivered to people in need, they have given a little amount to poor people.

They believe that local staff who distribute the assistance are the main problem, because they belong to one particular ethnic group, and have tried to give the assistance to their own relatives and region.

“For example, 14% of assistance has been sent to Nangarhar, and 0.2% of assistance has been sent to Daykundi, Bamyan, in some areas of Maidan Wardak, Ghazni, Ghor, Samangan, Baghlan, Sare-pul, and Balkh that Hazaras live in. Is this the justice?” it has come to the letter.

They urge international community to prevent discrimination in distribution of assistance, and revise the hiring of local staff. They add the media and civil activists must inspect the process of distribution, the assistance must be distributed equally in all provinces. They also say discrimination in assistance is not acceptable, and international community as well as other countries must provide humanitarian catastrophe in Afghanistan.


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