War in Ukraine forced Afghan families there to flee that country, too

by Aamaj News

Save the Children reported that war in Ukraine forced some Afghan families, that had fled their own country, to flee again from that country, too.

In this report Save the Children reported the situation of a family which lived in Ukraine for eight months, and forced to leave that country, too.

Fourteen year-old Samad with his parents, and siblings have sought refuge in Romania now

According to this report, Samad and his family were in eastern Afghanistan when fighting escalated across the country in July 2021. Along with his father, mother and two grown up siblings, Samad had come to Kabul and during the evacuation they could manage to go to Ukraine.

 “My family came here for peace. But when they heard fighting would start here… nobody could believe it. That there would be bombing, there would be fighting. But it was real. It was not a dream,” Samad’s father Mohammad told Save the Children.

Though, Save the Children has not provided a confirmed figure of Afghan families in Ukraine.

On the other hand, Save the Children said that Russia-Ukraine conflict has forced thousands of children in two weeks to leave that country to its nieghboring countries.

According to this organization, thousands of civilians including children have been killed as a result of conflict. Schools and health centers have been targeted.


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