Taliban arrested Maiwand Wafa, a journalist and human rights activist

by Aamaj News

Relatives of Maiwand Wafa, a journalist and human rights activist, told Aamaj News that the intelligence forces of Taliban arrested him nine days ago, and there is no information available about his situation.

According to them, Wafa has been arrested for no reason, and Taliban officials refuse to offer response, as usual they refuse to comment on such cases, too.

The news comes as it has been four month that Khalid Qaderi is in Taliban’s custody.

Dr. Homeira Qaderi, a famous author and poet of Afghanistan and as well as brother of Khalid Qaderi, tweeted that her brother sentenced to one year imprisonment by a military court without the right of appeal, because he expressed his idea about Taliban on Facebook.

Taliban stated that Qaderi has not been arrested because of his views which expressed on Facebook, rather he has been arrested accused of another crime and refused to offer information about it.

According to media observer institutions dozens of cases regarding beating and arresting of journalists have been recorded after Taliban’s domination.

Though, the Taliban officials repeatedly have said they respect freedom of expression and media.


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