Taliban deliberately attacked women and girls’ autonomy, freedom and dignity: Bennett

by Aamaj News

The UN Special Rapporteur, Richard Bennett, at the fiftieth session of the Human Rights Council said that Taliban are reinstituting step-by-step the discrimination against women and girls’ characteristic of their previous term and which is unparalleled globally in its misogyny and oppression.

He expressing his concerns regarding deteriorating situation of women called upon Member States to increase support for Afghan women and girls in socio economic and political spheres.

“De facto authorities in Afghanistan have massively diminished women’s lives, deliberately attacked women and girls’ autonomy, freedom and dignity, and created a culture of impunity,” he said. “I call on the Taliban to create a meaningful dialogue with Afghan women, listen and respond directly to their demands.”

He also called on Taliban to respect all women and girls’ right to education at all levels, open secondary schools for all children now, and provide undisrupted quality education with sufficient resources for teachers.


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