Afghanistan and Lebanon unhappiest countries around the world: Gallup

by Aamaj News

Gallup in its latest report has said that the world overall became a sadder, more worried and more stressed-out place in past one year. According to this report the people of Afghanistan and Lebanon are living in misery.

“Last year, Afghanistan and Lebanon posted the two highest scores in the world — 59 and 58 — on Gallup’s Negative Experience Index, which is a composite measure of people’s daily experiences of sadness, stress, worry, anger and physical pain. Higher scores on the index mean more of a population is experiencing these emotions,” the report added.

“Afghans’ place at the bottom of the rankings is not new. On average, Afghans have rated their lives lower than a 3 since 2017. But Lebanon’s presence on the lowest life ratings list is a more recent phenomenon.”

Gallup also added that since Iraq had the same place during its fighting against ISIS, still it is among unhappiest countries.


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