The situation for Afghan women is catastrophic, we stand by them: the UN

by Aamaj News

United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) regarding to March 8, International Women’s Day, said that this organization stands by Afghan women and girls.

“The United Nations in Afghanistan stands by Afghan women and girls as they face the consequences of multiple crises, combined with entrenched gender inequality and discrimination, with courage and perseverance,” UNAMA reported.

UNAMA said that Afghan women disproportionately impacted by a legacy of conflict.

“What we are witnessing today in Afghanistan is a crisis of catastrophic proportions. Everyone in the country is affected by the current crises, but the situation for women and girls is particularly concerning as their rights and access to opportunities have become increasingly challenged,” Deborah Lyons, the Secretary-General’s Special Representative for Afghanistan said.

She also emphasized that more measures must be taken to promote equality of opportunity for women and girls in all areas of their lives.

Deborah Lyons said that Afghan women have a vision for Afghanistan and must be given an opportunity to participate in shaping the country’s future.

Afghan women while celebrate the March 8 that Taliban have imposed many restrictions on them, and the majority of them have lost their jobs.


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